New Year Resolution.

So my New Year resolutions this year are many. One of them is to sketch daily. I’m a bit late that way since it’s the 9th today but I shall upload earlier sketches anyway.

This first post has a picture I drew of my current kit and color swatches of the paints I have used/ tried- Pebeo, Camel Kokuyo and Sennelier. I started out with a Lyra children’s paint box which gave me pretty good results (I think) and I’ll remind myself to post a picture of their color swatches. Camel is a well-known art supply brand in India (probably ‘the’ art supply brand) and I bought their 18 color cake set to try out . I have used acrylic paints from Pebeo earlier and they were pretty good so I figured these would be great too. I liked the results of all and so far, couldn’t really differentiate or pick out a flaw.

my kit_0017
A quick sketch of my current kit
color swatch pebeo0012 copy
Color swatches- Pebeo Watercolour Aquarelle Fine
color swatches_0007 copy
Pebeo and Camel Kokuyu color swatches

My current kit is pretty simple with the fewest things possible. It contains a plastic eraser, a Sakura Koi travel water brush in medium, a Lamy Joy calligraphy pen with a medium nib, a unipin black liner (0.4, 0.5, 0.7- whichever I have at that time), a HB pencil, ear plugs to cancel any noise that can be distracting on location, synthetic hair paintbrush that comes with paint boxes and a 24 watercolour set from Sennelier.

I’m still getting used to blogging so don’t really have the page looking like what I had in mind but it’s ok for now. One bit at a time 🙂

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