Fresh from the Tandoor

As a little break from architecture and knick knacks, I decided to sketch something in between. A little eatery around the Auliya Masjid area called Wasim Hotel (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) caught my attention where heaps of tandoori rotis (bread) were selling out every second! The person at the tandoor expertly rolled out the dough and as someone called out for more roti, tossed four fluffy, perfectly baked discs gleaming in the sunlit afternoon. “Ustaad! Do roti!”, the waiter called out.

Baking Tandoori Roti (Bread from the tandoor) at Wasim Hotel near Auliya Masjid.
Baking Tandoori Roti (Bread from the tandoor) at Wasim Hotel near Auliya Masjid in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Drawing and painting scenes that have a lot of constant activity can be tricky. Apart from cancelling the noise that is characteristic of Indian streets, you need to draw the picture in your mind and focus only on those movements and gestures in front of you. In this case, ‘Ustaad’ had a few repetitious movements while making tandoori roti. I figured I got the most static pose while he poked around the tandoor (oven) with skewers stringing through freshly baked bread.

After the sketch, of course I treated myself to some tandoori goodness. Heavenly. Do let me know of your sketching experiences in the street and of course your food experiments in India. I’d love to hear your story! 🙂

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