Giveaway: Personalized New Year Resolution Doodle #1

Yesterday was the first day of the “RT and win yourself a personalized New Year Resolution Doodle” giveaway and today onwards, I shall post a doodle a day. If you’d like to win one yourself, there are a few days left (until 19 January) so re-tweet, share and spread the word to win a personalized doodle! No golden tickets, no candy bars to be bought. It’s just that easy 🙂

Winner # 1 is @allthingssofeez who has the following resolutions for this year:

1) Yoga and meditation. (to do it consistently)
2) Want to enter the Jane Austen Club (Read at least 5 of her famous books, if not all)
3) Learn basic photography skills (to use my DSLR often, much need to shoot my products)
4) Start drawing again / Paint
5) De-clutter – physically and mentally
6) Save / Save / Save (Live frugally)
7) Start a personal blog
8) Explore my city well
9) Write my journal daily
10) Walk more / Drink more water
11) Send and receive postcards from around the globe
12) Send snail mails/greetings
13) Contribute to animals cause.
14) Spend more time in nature
15) Learn Photoshop
 …and here’s what I did with it.
New Year Resolution Illustration for our first winner @allthingssofeez
New Year Resolution Illustration for our first winner @allthingssofeez
Good luck to @allthingssofeez! With this graphic reminder, Carpe that Diem! 🙂

If you’d like to win a personalized doodle of your New Year Resolutions like lucky @allthingssofeez,  like and share this post and I’ll get in touch with you for your instant doodles! Think of around 10 resolutions- think away! Have fun! Don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘share’! 🙂

The giveaway lasts until 19 January 2015 so hurry! 🙂


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