It’s extremely hot in Jaipur since the summers are here and every other day, there’s a sandstorm or a long queue outside Barbecue Nation. Either way, annoying. Amidst short power cuts and the occasional scary-as-hell cricket jumping out at you from the most boring edge of something you didn’t know you owned, I had an epiphany. Yes, halo and all.

I am going to have some hot tea outside in the scorching sun!

It’s really not as bad as it sounds.

But yes, that was IT! Now there are tea places almost all over Jaipur so the next big question- where? Driving around for a while, I came across a food truck parked before the Statue Circle/ Round-about- ‘Tea Tradition’. I’ve been there at least a dozen times now and this tiny food truck with its limited menu of 2-3 varieties of tea, bun-maska (buttered bun) and batata vada (deep-fried potato balls squished in a bun) hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Sketching on Location- Tea Tradition, Jaipur
Sketching on Location- Tea Tradition, Jaipur
Sketching on location- Tea Tradition, Jaipur
Sketching on location- Tea Tradition, Jaipur

Coming to the sketching bit, the truck was relatively easy to draw because it was stationary and like most places in Jaipur, you need to visit at a time when nobody wants to- at the height of noon (Caution: Do not try this unless you’re some sort of afternoon-sketching-ninja, totally indestructible or a happy cow just looking for some grass). I had to change two parking spots- first, on the opposite side of the road to get basic guidelines and the skeleton of the truck ready. Next, walking a bit closer to get any little details that couldn’t be seen too well from the earlier spot. I think I got most of the sketch ready while parked opposite and it was too hot so I turned down my internal volume of ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  

Watercolor sketch of the Tea Tradition Food Truck. Another go, perhaps?

I guess I will have another go at the truck when it’s a lot better outside. In the meanwhile, I shall continue looking for interesting locations to sketch and have a cup or two of cardamom tea. Do leave comments- I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


  1. Jasmit Singh

    This post left me speechless. I can not thank you enough for the love you have showered on our little van. I would love to meet you someday and thank you personally. This post is being shared on my wall as well as Tea Tradition’s page. I loved this! Thank You 🙂

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