Art Supplies I have been thinking of…

Every time I go to the local art store or browse through stationery and art supplies on Amazon, my mental list of ‘art-supplies-to-buy’ gets longer. I have been thinking of getting some new art supplies and of course, while I did that, I sketched them too.

This time, I’m using an A4 Moleskine and I quite like the size because it makes sketching easier (as compared to an even larger sketchbook or the smaller ones). I used an A5 Moleskine earlier and I feel I don’t have to change much in my drawing because I pretty much draw at the same scale (meaning I tend to draw things a certain size and it works great in an A5 and A4 sketchbook).

So here are the things on my art supplies list:

1- Drawing and Calligraphy inks: These are my latest obsession. I am now experimenting with calligraphy pens and various nib types and I have checked out a few. I started out using the Kuretake (Zig Cartooning) Sumi Ink 60 which is supposed to be a waterproof Manga drawing ink. However, I did realize it is not waterproof after I laid out a water color brush wash over some inking I had done the previous day. Since I bought it, I will probably use it up to sketch but obviously won’t use this ink for client work.


I want to try Noodler’s black bulletproof ink, a range of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Inks and some calligraphy inks from Winsor and Newton (Also, try using these inks with a dip pen and not in your fountain pen).

2- Lamy Safari with a broad nib: I own a Lamy Safari with a Fine nib and the Lamy Joy Calligraphy model but I feel I need to try a variation with a broad nib. I recently tried laying thicker line weights and loved the end result.

3- Stillman & Birn Watercolor Sketchbooks & Fabriano Journal: Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find these sketchbooks anywhere but I have heard great things about their paper quality and the binding in general. Also, I want to see how different my sketches might look on this paper? Definitely getting one of these soon!

4- Holbein, Daniel Smith watercolor paint tubes: I started out using the Pebeo Aquarelle Fine (12 half pan set) amongst other more economical store paint sets and later bought a Sennelier 24 half-pan set which is, of course, brilliant. I guess I’ll try some tube colors from both Holbein and Daniel Smith- maybe something like an unusual pink or green that instantly lifts the sketch- because I have heard too many good things about both these paints.

5- Pentel Aquash water brush: I have tried two water brush pens, both from Sakura I guess (a medium and a small) and I’m actually not much of a fan of these but I find them useful with water color pencils and of course, when on the go. Water brushes have plastic bristles that don’t hold much pigment but they are good to use with water color pencils although it calls for repeated application of pigment.

6- Pentel/ Kuretake brush pen: These are really good for lettering and also drawing with some heavy line weights.

These are some of the art supplies I am interested in trying. Once I do, I shall post reviews too! Have you tried any new art supplies lately or probably thinking of trying something new? I’d love to hear from you about these in the comment box below! Happy Sketching! 

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