Forgotten stash of art supplies!

Forgotten stash of art supplies-blog.jpgOh yes… this is as common as common cold. The forgotten art supply stash! What usually happens is, I get overenthusiastic about a certain tool (let’s say color pencils or paper or brushes) and feel my beginner grade purchase is what’s holding me back from becoming Michelangelo and I then look for all kinds of art supplies online (to know what’s out there)  and then I can’t decide if what I need is a square journal or my art was made for a portrait oriented journal and the next thing I am being delivered the new illustrated Harry Potter books. And then I see the illustrations in the book and am reminded of my art supplies and there it goes again… (I didn’t order the illustrated Harry Potter books yet. Self-control)

So as you might already have seen, my forgotten art supplies include the following:-

1- Derwent watercolor pencils: This is a set I have for over ten years and belonged to my brother who handed it to me because he wasn’t going to use them. I was just wondering why I didn’t use this set much because it actually is really good. Watercolor pencils go very well with a set of regular tube or pan water colors. Using them on their own is a bit tedious for me so I like to combine it with other sets and love the effect. If you’re sketching outside, I would recommend using a single pencil or two for certain areas (shadows, outlining, write captions in bold colors maybe?) but if you have enough time and a nice set-up at home, you can use these for entire pieces. This particular set is pretty good and you get some nice creamy washes with these. The colors look opaque when wet but are semi-transparent to transparent  once dry. I’ll place my set in a drawer that I use often so I use these colors more.

2- Derwent Inktense pencils: I bought this set around four years ago and couldn’t figure out a good way to apply them. I thought I was going to make something precious using these ink pencils and just left them to live a life of doom. These colors are really nice, intense jewel tones and as you might already know, Derwent makes thicker lead than most other companies. These pencils have a really thick lead and to use it better, it would be better if you shaved your pencil with a blade rather than use a pencil sharpener. I wasn’t used to this so I disfigured my pencils into strange, edgy stubs but do try it if you haven’t yet. I actually really like products from Derwent and have tried most of their pencils so I do own a lot of Derwent pencils sets and they work beautifully even after such a long time (10 years!).

3- Pebeo Watercolor Aquarelle Fine set: This was a set I bought around three or four years back before I bought artist grade colors. The colors are pretty decent and a bunch of my earlier sketches were done using these. After I shifted to a Sennelier 24 pan set which was the Buzz Lightyear of my collection, this one was pushed aside.

4- Art store paint brushes: These were some old brushes I bought about eight or nine years ago. I didn’t know what to do with them then but their sizes are pretty good- a 2, 6 and 7. These I am placing right into a glass jar on my desk and I did use these for this sketch you see on the top.

5- India ink markers from Tchibo, Faber Castell grip color markers: The India-ink markers from Tchibo were bought during my stamping phase which died down pretty soon but these markers turned out to be really great. I use them occasionally in coloring books (The Adult Coloring Book fad) or to write something fancy in a letter (I love sending and receiving mail!) or something else equally vain! wink. Also, these markers are double-sided and their ink is quite good. The Faber Castell grip markers are really nice too, with a thinner point for coloring areas that require more detailing and the color are vibrant.

6- Random sharpeners, erasers and whatnot: This is kind of the most annoying part of a cleanup – miscellaneous stuff you have no idea you had so you end up with five sharpeners and a hundred erasers in different sizes and colors and safety pins and stamp pads and some broken mini stapler. I ended up getting seven erasers which I had “lost” and placed them in a little tray I place on my desk for things I need most while sketching.

While we’re talking about sharpeners, just a few days back I was checking some really funky sharpeners and would recommend you check these out- The Mobius and Ruppert brass pencil sharpener that you can buy from here  , another really cool one is the Dux adjustable pencil sharpener which as the name suggests, has a variety of functions- firstly, it can be used for hexagonal, triangular and round pencils. Secondly, you can turn the knob at the end of the sharpener for three different kinds of points- a sharp one for detailed pencil work, a regular point for graphite pencils and a not-so-sharp point for colored pencils. Also, this one comes with a cute pouch. Adorable!

Everyone loves a good forgotten art supplies story (that’s what they say. Oh. They don’t?) – Let me know of some of yours!

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