Making time to sketch

kitchen copy
Kitchen sketching: A fun exercise really!

I was a bit busy the past two days or so and didn’t find the time to sketch. Today, however, I decided to just sit in the kitchen with my sketchbook and watercolor palette to draw whatever was right in front of me- in this case, dirty dishes which also make a very interesting subject. Try it some time! They actually look nicer in sketchbooks than drawing a pretty table setting.

I first loosely painted colors on the sheet (I’m painting in an A4 Moleskine watercolor album) and then began drawing lines with a uniball waterproof black pen. Later, as you can see in the video below, I layer paint and add on some more ink lines to define the various elements of the sketch. However, to maintain the sketchy quality, I didn’t go into refined details and another beautiful quality of a sketch is that the lines are there for all to see. If you go wrong with a line, maybe a certain angle or so, you don’t need to erase it or conceal it. It’s part of the sketch and adds to the overall quality of it. Hope you enjoyed this, happy sketching! 🙂

Here’s a video of me sketching the above :

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