Delhi – Day 1

…and I’m back on a short sketching trip. This time in Delhi. The flight was delayed by at least 1.5 hours, of which quite some time went in the aircraft, amidst a sea of confusing remarks, panic and crying babies. Phew. Glad ‘that’ got over. I got busy sketching though –


By the time I reached Delhi and left the airport with my luggage, I was hungry and though I hadn’t imagined it like this, my first meal (snack?) ended up being a tandoori chicken sandwich, vada pav and strong adrak chai in a kulhad at a kiosk outside the airport. This strangeness was followed by a bubblegum flavoured thick shake at Keventers. By this time, I had too many odd combinations of things and a headache. Thankfully, everything went uphill from here…

A while later, I was walking around Khan Market and let’s say, much was forgotten. Also, I am carrying a few books that I think are great if you’d like to explore the food, architecture and history of the city. Marryam Reshi’s 2017 Times Food Guide (Delhi) is an AAAAMAZING resource and you should definitely get this if you’re visiting Delhi or if you stay here. This handy guide is filled with honest reviews and ratings of almost EVERY place you can possibly eat at in Delhi! It’ll save you time and bad food experiences. I discovered Yum Yum Cha, Khan Market through this little jewel of a book and that’s where we’re going next…

You MUST buy these books to have the complete Delhi experience. 

“Yum Cha” is a casual Cantonese (especially in Hong Kong) eating culture where you’d have endless cups of tea with a variety of small servings of food (dim sum in steamer baskets with a variety of fillings). At Yum Yum Cha, the menu is interesting with a lot of options and is a visual feast too. Service is great, so is the food!

Sketching at Yum Yum Cha, Khan Market


The finished sketch
The super staff at Yum Yum Cha
Here’s another one with their funky logo


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