7 beverages you absolutely must try in Sharjah

1- Green Tea, Fresh Zaatar & Pineapple Iced Tea at Shababeek | AED 30

Located in Al Qasba, Shababeek is a contemporary Lebanese restaurant with an extensive menu. Their signature iced tea (green tea, fresh zaatar, pineapple) is a fresh and fruity beverage that pairs very well with the succulent kebabs on the menu.

shababeek sketch

2- Turkish Tea at Emirgan Sutis | AED 12

Served with sugar cubes, this cup of tea is light, flavorful and quite rejuvenating. Emirgan Sutis at the Sharjah Waterfront has a variety of hot and cold drinks on offer but if you had to try just one, it most definitely is their Turkish tea!


The staff at Emirgan Sutis, Al Majaz, Sharjah

3- Saffron tea at Al Breej | AED 5

Apart from reminding one of Enid Blyton’s stories and the cup-and-saucer-rides of the 90s in the UAE, the adorable blue and white tea pots letting out steam (literally!) in various locations in Sharjah serve a delightful cup of tea! Judging by its size, one would expect a short menu of two or three items but Al Breej exceeds expectations with a vast menu including sweet and savory breakfast items and snacks. Their saffron tea is the shining star of their beverage menu. Do try!

albreej teapot

Young tea connoisseurs enjoying tea at Al-Breej

4- Karak Chai at Cafeterias | AED 1.5

Thanks to migrant laborers from Kerala, we have the king of hot beverages in the UAE- the Karak! What can one even begin to say about the Karak frenzy in the UAE! Head over to any cafeteria and enjoy this cup of milky sweetness with a variety of sides- anda paratha, dal vada, bonda, samosa- the list really is endless! Read more about Karak chai here.

Chai Karak


5-  Moroccan tea at El Manza | Dhs 15 (Small), 22 (Medium), 35 (Large)

If the teapot and accompanying cups aren’t reason enough to enjoy a few cups, the taste most definitely is! The Moroccan tea at El Manza is delectable and if you’re around the Sharjah Waterfront area, you must visit! For the feels, head upstairs to their terrace seating and order a dessert too.



6- Arabic coffee at Zahr El Laymoun | Dhs. 20

Aromatic and invigorating, a cup of Arabic coffee is the perfect way to end a long meal. You could order something sweet to go with this if its slightly bitter taste isn’t up your alley. A must-try though!


7- Namlait at Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe | Dhs. 15

Those who have fond memories of Namlait; the most popular soda in the UAE during the 70s and 80s, will be elated to see Al Fanar restaurant has made their favorite soda available in five flavors (original, blueberry, pineapple, melon and strawberry) along with the original glass bottle with the cool opening mechanism! Let’s not forget that marble.








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