Coffee Table Chronicles during Covid-19

With almost everyone working from home due to the Covid-19, people have been sharing creative ways to spending their entire time at home. I have been making food, ensuring leftovers are properly utilised in the next day’s lunch and when in doubt, there are always what’s app groups with friends and family where people have been sharing recipes and ideas to cook with the available stock of food.

When not cooking, I’m sitting in the living room, in front of the television, ‘listening’ to a video while flipping through a recipe book and reading messages on my phone. As a result, my coffee table has become a sort of cabinet of curiosities where everything from eyedrops to a potato ricer can be found. I’ll pick out a packet of biscuits or a container of rusks from the kitchen cabinet and they never make their way back because I figured I’d to bring them back again the next day so why not just leave them there. Right now, my jar of cake rusk seems prettier than a crystal vase (which I don’t have).




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