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I am a food illustrator and sketch artist. I sketch all kinds of things.

Aside from being a compulsive sketcher, tea drinker, book reader and collector of stickers, I maintain graphic journals and can be found exploring art supply or Sanrio stores. Mostly Sanrio.

In 2015, I began a project where I visited eateries, restaurants, tea stalls (basically ANY place that sells food) in Jaipur and sketched on-location, all the food we ordered. While this is an on-going project, here’s what one of those journals looks like:

When not working, I am probably reading about food or watching a documentary about food, admiring Disney villains, trying spells learned from Harry Potter books (Accio pizza!) or learning French.

Recent and Current Projects

I just finished working on the Tedx Shekhawati branding. This is in continuation with earlier Tedx Shekhawati merchandise I had designed. Also designed articles for Indego by Vineet; Michelin-star chef Vineet Bhatia’s new restaurant in Qatar.

I’m currently in the process of designing packaging for a new line of food products launching soon by a well-known TV channel from the Middle East.

Liked what you saw on my website as much as Ursula’s love for red lips? Send me an e-mail with the type of piece you want me to make you (postcards, magazine illustrations, book covers, A5 (or any size really) framed pieces for gifting, large canvases…just about anything!).

Or if you’d just like to say hi, do so! I’d love to hear from you!

E-mail: doodlenomics@gmail.com


I’m on Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter. Follow me for updates! 🙂


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